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Android 4.2 (May 2022)

OsmAnd produces every day multiple Ready-To-Use builds which allows keep track of new features and participate in OsmAnd contributions (translation process).

Join Beta

You can participate in testing OsmAnd beta build thru Google Play.

What's new

  • Widgets redesign: new Look & Feel, group by Pages, change order and combine as you want.
  • Hiking / Cycling / Travel routes: tap on the route symbol and get full information about the route.
  • Favorite groups: set default appearance for new points in the group
  • Fixes: online tile-maps auto-update
  • New widgets: true bearing. Trip recording: downhill, uphill, duration.
  • Online SRTM
  • Added support for SwissGrid CH1903 / CH1903+
  • Display UTM Zone coordinates as 31T instead of 31N
  • Graphs: analyse on map now show data from two axes
  • "Mapnik" map style was replaced with the new "OSM-Carto" style
  • All OpenStreetMap-related items was combined into one group in "Configure Map" menu
  • Wikipedia: fixed images visibility in Hebrew